Who we are and
our values

Thanks to you, our precious donors, we have built a home for innovation and hope right here in Quebec.

Year after year, brilliant discoveries help to build the worldwide reputation of the Sainte-Justine University Hospital Centre (CHU Sainte-Justine) in critical, top-priority areas: from very premature births to neurodevelopment to the latest advances in genomics. These achievements are dependent on an approach that is almost unique in the world, where the health of mothers and children is considered holistically and where hospital care, cutting-edge research and teaching are integrated under one roof.

The CHU Sainte-Justine continues to push the limits of possibility so that state-of-the-art technology, scientific breakthroughs and compassionate, human relationships can act in concert. It continually strives to fulfill, with boundless energy, its vocation since its founding in 1907: to be the home of a large, caring and forward-thinking family, ready to face the biggest challenges.

This family, which has just completed a major expansion to be able to take in even more patients, also comprises an experienced Foundation and countless donors, you, without whom we could never accomplish our goals. Our mission is clear: here, we do everything possible to save more lives and heal more children; here, hope thrives, because the Foundation is counting on you and you are counting on us. This big, welcoming, ambitious family is your family.

Last year, this extended family welcomed 3530 babies. More than half were born of high-risk pregnancies, and almost a third were immediately transferred to neonatology to receive intensive care; most were cases of malformation, infection or asphyxiation. This family performed surgeries on nearly 10,000 little patients, including 18 organ transplants (heart, liver, kidney) and 47 bone marrow transplants. It made discoveries in stem cell research that will soon help to control epilepsy, and decreased the frequency and length of hospital stays for young patients who struggle with eating disorders.

This family also includes over 5500 employees, among them nurses, doctors, dentists, pharmacists and renowned researchers. They are all equal to the challenge, energized every day by a talented cohort of 4400 students and interns who are driven by the desire to learn and contribute their own knowledge. Just as important, the hospital is filled with parents, volunteers who are eager to help, and many receptive and expert ears, ready to listen.

This is how at Sainte-Justine, with unwavering solidarity at all levels and across our institution, tomorrow’s projects become today’s reality, so that those whom we might otherwise have lost can grow up healthy, without adverse effects.